Valkyrie Products

triple tree

Raked Billet Triple Trees

  • Six or eight degree rake
  • Ships with new All Balls bearing and seal, new hardened bolt and washer
  • Polished aluminum finish

$650.00 MSRP

headlight extension
3" headlight extension
  Headlight Extension

Here's an eye catcher! Move that headlight forward 2" or 3" and see what kind of comments you get. People will stare a little longer and wonder what is different about your bike. Our billet headlight extension is a simple way to add length and beauty. Fits VTX1800C, 1800 Retro, VTX1300C, 1300 Retro, and Valkyrie.

  • Moves Headlight 2" or 3" forward
  • Polished finish
  • Hardware included

VTX-treme light bar bracket for all VTX and Valkyrie models
VTX-treme light bar bracket for all VTX and Valkyrie models  

Light Bar Bracket

  • For use with Valkyrie
  • Has 3/8" mounting holes for lights
  • Mounts on either side of bottom tree
  • Polished stainless steel; will not rust, chip, or scratch


$99.00 MSRP

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VTX-treme 4" chamfer cut risers

Billet 4" Handlebar Risers

  • For use with Valkyrie and all VTX except Interstate
  • Risers include mounting bolts

$99.00 MSRP


VTX-Treme Custom Headlight Mount

This mount fits stock and VTX-Treme raked triple trees.
Allows easy headlight adjustment with raked trees when stock bracket does not have enough adjustment.


$48.00 MSRP

2" fork extendors

3" fork extensions

Fork Extensions

  • come in 2 sizes adding 2" or 3" to the fork length
  • works with stock triple tree or VTX-treme raked triple tree

$33.00 MSRP 2" fork extensions

$42.00 MSRP 3" fork extensions


Works Perfomance Shocks

 Custom made for your weight and riding style.

XF6 Shock Bushings for Valkyries are guaranteed for as long as you own your motorcycle
VTX-treme Shock Bushings

XF6 two piece polyurethane shock bushings are guaranteed for as long as you own your motorcycle.

  • fits all Valkyrie models with stock Honda shocks

$30.00 MSRP /set

stainless steel brakelines for Valkyrie

Spiegler brake lines for Valkyrie

clear coated brake lines
black coated brake lines  


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